Fishing Gloves, Veil Aqueous Camo

From light tasks to heavy-duty projects, Gorilla Grip patented gloves are your go-to. These gloves are specialized for maximum durability, dexterity and s a Never-Slip grip. Gorilla Grip gloves are constructed of nylon and dipped with a specialized coating to keep your hands protected No matter the application wet, dry or oily, we have you covered. Whether you want to maintain a solid grip while offshore fishing or handling a tool in the garage, Gorilla Grip slip resistant gloves have you covered.

  • Gorilla Grip slip resistant all-purpose recreational and work gloves, Veil aqueous/large
  • Patented never slip technology. Designed for superior dexterity and breathability while allowing for maximum grip in any situation
  • Gloves designed with a polymer palm that pushes slime, Grease, and fluids away from important center of the glove to enhance the grip
  • The gloves with the grip that never slips. Fit for use in any fishing or marine environment.
  • Great gloves for Plumbing, oil changes, fishing, and wet surface jobs

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